Anti-inflammatory Diet Tips with Dr. Julie Chen

Dr. Chen talks about the fact that she’s a fundamentalist and that good whole foods heal the body and to aim for wide varieties of vegetables, proteins, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits and healthy fats. Eating closest to foods natural form is the healthiest and the best at helping body calm down and not be inflamed. Eating quinoa in its whole food form is still better than eating quinoa pastas and breads because getting to pasta and bread forms, there’s still processing that goes into that. It’s much healthier if you’re able to eat whole food forms of food. 

Dr. Chen also talks about intermittent fasting and how she’s a fan. She talks about how the body shuts down ‘non-essential’ functioning when fasting and in doing so, the body is less inflamed and body has a chance to calm down. However, it’s not healthy to just eat one meal per day since the body is still a machine first and foremost which means the body needs fuel to function and running the body at empty for long periods of time isn’t healthy. Aim for intermittent fasting of 12-16 hours per day so it has time to rest and reset but try to still consume healthy whole foods so that your body can run like a well-oiled machine. 

When eating out, Dr. Chen suggests looking at the options of foods on the menu and even if what you want to eat isn’t coming on menu in one neat dish, you can ask the restaurant to take the vegetable from one dish and another grain from another dish and the protein from another dish and create a healthy meal that fits your health needs. Nowadays, people are way more heath conscious so it’s much more acceptable at restaurants to ask for healthy dish combinations. 

If you’re going to a party, consider eating before the party so that you are not starving at the party and making poor diet choices. You can also ask the host or hostess if you can bring a dish and then bring something healthy so that you have something to eat. You never know, there might be other people at the party who are also looking for healthier food options so if  you bring something whole-food based and healthy, you might be helping yourself stay healthy and also helping others as well.