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Comparing Wellness and Immune Formula Prices


Navigating Immunity Supplement Prices & Ingredients

The human body is an amazing thing. When given the right amount and type of energy from nutrient-packed sources, it’s capable of healing injury, fighting off illness, and restoring damage done on a cellular level. 

Unfortunately, today’s quick and easy diet of pre-packaged, processed foods chock full of preservatives and artificial ingredients are often lacking the essential nutrients and vitamins. These nutrients are fundamental to repair damage and develop a strong immune system to protect against future threats. 

That’s where wellness formulas like ImunOptimyze™ come into play. These immune vitamins are a great way to give the body what it needs so it can operate more effectively. Though certainly not a replacement for a well-balanced diet, immune support supplements can often help bridge the gap between what we eat and what the body needs. 

So why do the prices for these immune supplements vary so much? Let’s take a deeper look into what influences these wellness and immune formula prices and what you should know to help you pick the best supplement for you. 


Why Immune Formula Pricing May Be Different & How It Impacts Your Health

Immune vitamins have a very wide price range with some costing as low as $24 and others as high as $120+. One of the biggest factors that influence a supplement’s cost is the number and type of ingredients. 

Certain ingredients are more costly to produce and manufacture. Since the refining and production processes are so labor-intensive, this of course will raise the price of any wellness formula that includes these ingredients. 

Another big factor in cost is the number of ingredients. Some wellness formulas may seem to be cheaper, but actually only include 2-3 ingredients. This often results in buying more than one of these “cheaper” formulas in order to include all of the desired ingredients. However, this can often result in a total cost that is much higher than if you had purchased just one supplement that included all of those ingredients. 

Another benefit of buying immune vitamins with multiple ingredients is increased effectiveness. ImmuneOptimyze, for example, has 10 ingredients that work in harmony to provide synergistic dosing. These ingredients balance each other, increasing the supplement’s potency to bolster the immune system before germ exposure. That way, the body is already strong and ready to fight off dangerous pathogens and bacteria that are encountered through our daily activities. 


What Makes Immune Support Supplements the Best Health Investment for You 

Did you know that nutritional and immune support supplements are not regulated by the FDA? That means the burden of deciding on a supplement’s safety and if it is effective falls entirely on you. 

Determining where the ingredients come from and what goes into the manufacturing process is one of the most important things to keep in mind when buying nutritional supplements. Just because something claims to be “all-natural” doesn’t mean it’s good for the body. There are plenty of naturally occurring toxins that could do more harm than good if ingested, some with very serious side effects that should be taken into consideration before consuming. Be sure to read the detailed ingredients list and research any ingredients you may not be familiar with. 

It’s difficult to know the quality control and research that have gone into developing the supplement, but the manufacturer can give some clues towards its credibility. Only buy immune vitamins from reputable brands that have a proven track record of providing safe wellness formulas that are backed by scientific research. 

For example, ImunOptimyze™  was developed by Dr. Julie Chen and Dr. Justin Lo, both physicians who have spent their entire lives studying the human body and integrative medicine. Their expertise and extensive research helped them craft an immune support supplement that can effectively help strengthen your immune system and also follows FDA recommendations. 

By doing just a little bit of extra research before buying, you can weed out untrustworthy brands and potentially harmful supplements to find a combination that best suits your budget and your body. 


Filling the Gaps in Your Immune Support

Though supplements are a great way to make sure the body has the nutrients it needs, the cheapest and most effective way you can support your immune system is through proper lifestyle behaviors. Get enough sleep, exercise and move throughout each day, manage your stress levels, and eat a well-balanced diet full of fruits, veggies, and whole grains. 

Taking these small actions daily will help strengthen your immune system and prevent the development of many internal diseases and illnesses that slow you down. Take care of your body now so it can focus on fighting the threats from outside instead of within, allowing you to enjoy a full and happy lifestyle. 

Check out ImunOptimyze™ and discover the benefits of an effective immune supplement that supports your wellness and your lifestyle. 



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