Affiliate/Wholesale Program Inquiries

To Register for Affiliate Program:
Start by registering for a regular account.

Once you have set up account, login to account and on left side of your dashboard, you will see option to register as affiliate. Click on that and register as affiliate.

Once your request has been submitted, you will receive approval notice and within that email, you can change your affiliate link name and the affiliate link information will be provided for you to post on your website, social media, or to give out

You MUST upload your completed W-9 form onto in order to receive any commission payments. We cannot send out commission payments until we receive your completed W-9 form.

Commission payments are paid out monthly after 60 days from date of any purchase order. This is to keep accurate accounting for any purchases made through your affiliate link as well as accounting for any possible returns (customers have 30 days to return products).

You will receive 10% commission for ALL sales completed by your clients through your affiliate link.

Special promotions and discount coupons can still apply for purchases made through your link.

To Register for Wholesale Pricing Program:

Start by registering your name, address, EIN tax number, email and phone number for wholesale pricing inquiries and upload your seller’s permit to qualify for wholesale pricing.

For wholesale status, you MUST also upload your seller’s permit and provide us your EIN number for us to set up your account to qualify for tax exemption.

We will notify you of wholesale status approval once your account has been set up.

You can then login to your account and be able to enjoy wholesale pricing of $24.99/bottle for orders of 25 bottles or more, to sell at your practice at suggested retail price of $34.99.

You MUST purchase 25 bottles or more to qualify for wholesale pricing, no additional coupons can apply.

If you want to apply discount coupons or purchase under 25 bottles, register for your own separate regular account to apply coupons at full price and to purchase orders less than 25 bottles.

You may sign up for both the wholesale pricing program AND the affiliate program.

For any additional questions, please email us at or Click on HELP chat box to submit your question along with your email. A representative will respond to you as quickly as possible (typically within 1-3 business days).


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