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"ImunOptimyze has boosted my overall energy and I feel less brain fog when I take it. I especially like to take it when I feel under the weather. It has been one of my to go to supplements during the pandemic and when I need to boost my immune system with natural ingredients. I am a health enthusiast and really pay attention to the ingredients of every single item I buy and what has drawn me to Wisdom In  Wellness was all the herbs, minerals, vitamins, super foods such as Spirulina and all the good Stuff. So excited that I have found a plant based, Gluten free, non GMO natural supplement that works for me!!" Y.N.

"When I first heard about ImunOptimyze I couldn’t wait for it to become available so I could purchase it.  I have known both physicians for years and they have each helped my family and myself immensely with our heath and wellbeing.  Because of this, I trusted purchasing this product over other immunity supplements available.   When it arrived (quickly) it just so happened that my son, daughter, and myself were feeling a bit run down.  (Both my children are teenagers and I made sure to ask prior to giving it to them). It helped all of us!  We all began taking it that evening and over the following couple of days.  My daughter and myself noticed we had more energy the next day and by the following day we no longer had that nagging body feeling of getting sick.  For my son, who had felt worse than the both of us, it took him a couple more days of taking it to feel completely better.  I’m glad he took it because it stopped him from getting any worse and over the course of using the supplements his energy and over all feeling of well being improved. Thank you to the Wisdom In Wellness team!" D.S.

"We know the founder, a brilliant physician; Impeccable product, exquisite packaging; had no trouble with the manufacturer's delivery of product; great!" - V.H.

"I used the product; my experience, easy to take, no noticeable side-effect; supplement was well researched; fantastic!!" - D.C.

"When the pandemic happens I was looking for supplements to boost my immune system. After some research I found ImunOptimyze. What I love about this product is that is designed by a doctor, it's gluten free, non GMO and allergen free. After taking the products not even my immune system got stronger but my energy level boosted too. Since I've been taking Imunoptimyze , I have not been sick and that gives me a peace of mind since I am a working mom and can not afford to be sick. Imunoptimyze saved my life" - S.M.

"After moving cross country during a global pandemic, I was feeling tired and stressed, which is when I tend to get sick.  I decided to try ImunOptimyze because Dr. Chen is the best at what shedoes, and I'm so glad I did! After 4 days taking ImunOptimyze I realized that I was waking up feeling more refreshed and had better energy throughout the day-and I made it thought the stressfull transition ofmoving without getting sick!" - S.C

“I have been using ImunOptimyze for over 2 years now. This supplement has really made a huge difference in how I feel. For years I’ve lived with an autoimmune disorder, Grave disease. I can honestly say that I can feel the difference when I have gone without them for a couple days; I’ve felt more tired, sluggish and just not as energetic. Most importantly, prior to taking this supplement I noticed I had more flare ups and would get sick more often. Having added ImunOptimyze to my supplement and meds routine, I haven’t gotten sick as much as I use to. After such great results and feeling at my best, I will not go without taking it daily.”      -M.L.

“My husband and I received this immune supplement after weeks of battling colds, and other illnesses. We had been on and off of antibiotics, and taken many other things to try and curb our symptoms. Within a few days of taking the immunity supplement, we both experienced a drastic improvement in symptoms and overall health.   We have continued to take this supplement as a defense mechanism, rather than just as a reactive response.  With such great results we decided we will continually incorporate this as a daily ritual in our lives.”   -C.B.

I have tried many over the counter treatments for the common cold and flu-like symptoms, such as Vitamin C, Zinc, and other remedies.  At the onset of my sickness, I advised Dr. Chen that I wasn't feeling well.  She suggested this product.    Within a matter of hours after taking this immunity boost supplement, I began to feel 25% healthier.  Within two days, I felt 100% well.  I highly recommend this supplement, as I keep it on hand as needed. The minute I feel anything coming on, I start this supplement immediately. “   -S.G.

“I have been using this product on and off for several years. I usually take it when I start feeling a cold coming on and it seems to help me get through it faster with less severe symptoms. I definitely would recommend it.”   -D.M.

“I have been taking ImunOptimyze at the lower dosage daily for cold prevention and I’m getting way less frequent colds. If I do feel something coming on like a slight sore throat or something, then I’ll take the full optimal dosage and by the next morning, my symptoms are usually gone and I’m back to normal. It’s definitely better to take right at the beginning to avoid the cold from even getting to full blown stage, but if I don’t catch it fast enough and I get the cold, it definitely helps me get over it faster and the symptoms aren’t as bad.  I first started trying this based on a friend’s recommendation, but now I get panicked if I start to run out of them so I usually have a few bottles stocked just in case. It’s been a life changer, I’d definitely recommend it.”   -P.T.

“I have an autoimmune disease and at first I was worried about using an immune supplement, worried it might flare my rheumatoid arthritis but it worked really well and my disease is stable on it. I used to get sick not too often, but when I did get sick, it would take me weeks to get over the cold. Now with this product, as long as I take it right at the beginning where I think I might be getting a cold, then I don’t actually get the cold. It’s been such a life saver. The nice thing is that if I’m not sure it’s a cold and it might just be allergies, I can still take 4 capsules just in case. Either way, by the next morning, those problem symptoms are gone. If I do get a cold though, it’s not as bad and doesn’t last as long. The only two things I’d have to say to watch out for is that it’s strong I think so I make sure to take it with food and not empty stomach or sometimes I’ll feel slightly nauseated if I take on empty stomach. If I take with food, I’m never nauseated.  The other thing is that I take magnesium sometimes for constipation so if I take this, I skip the magnesium since this will do the trick of helping with constipation too, so if you have diarrhea issues though, don’t take magnesium with it or take lower dosage I’d say. These are minor issues though I feel like because it’s not any major gut issues and it’s been so incredibly helpful with my immune needs that to me it’s totally worth it. I’d definitely recommend it.”   -T.C.

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